Mecha-Thomas is the main character in the Mecha-Thomas Chronicles series. Mecha-Thomas was created in 2014 by several lonely norwegians, who had nothing else to do on a monday morning.

Biography Edit

Mecha-Thomas was created for the sole purpose of defeating Cyborg-siv, the unstoppeble cyborg of destruction. He was made by Freddie: the first real superhero. S.A.I: the SCI-FI nerd, and Dr.Simenson, the leader of C.T.I. He was made on the Alpha Base in the barents sea.

Powers and abilities Edit

Mecha-Thomas was constructed to be one of the most advanced and strongest cyborgs ever built. His body is composed of nanomachines and artificial nanotube muscelfiber which gives him potential limitless strength. His "fuel" is a Twin Fusion electronic core reactor that Dr.Simenson and Freddie designed.

Mecha-Thomas has proven himself to move with astounding speed, only to be rivaled by Cyborg-Siv and Freddie. Under the OSLO inccident he flew from Los angeles to Oslo which is half way around the earth in about 20 minuttes. and that was when his body was only half developed. He traveled form the star system Regulus to earth in only one month (regulus is about 77,5 Lightyears away) His top speed is yet to be revealed.

He has astounding strenght. when he fought Freddie on regulus he threw a planet at freddie with little to no effort. He has also been trained by Alex Rider in the most efficent martial arts of the earht. He can use his great strenght and his marial art skills with great unison.

Trivia Edit

  • Mecha-Thomas was inspired by the Terminator and Raiden from the Metal Gear Series.
  • Mecha-Thomas has two official losses on his record. both was agains Freddie on their sparring sessions on Regulus.