Origins Edit

The INHUMAN project was started by NATO researchers in 1994. It combines nanobot technologies and bio-engineering to provide subjects with muscle strength 100 000 times stronger than an average human. The INHUMAN project was initailly started to make NATO forces nearly invincible. However, the serum proved insufficent and few of the people injected have survived.

Known survivors Edit

The mentally superior SAI is the only known survivor of the INHUMAN project. He was initiated into the program at the age of 17, and is still an active NATO operative. After being kidnapped and used by HYRE operatives, SAI was terminated by Mecha-Thomas, however his body has never been found. It is belived that some HYRE operatives have capabilities to develop a similar serum.

The supersoldier Alex was also injected with the INHUMAN serum, however this dose was altereed i order to make the effect weaker. Tony the mercinary was also injected with the same altered serum as Alex.

Some soldiers within both HYRE and CRFU seems to have been injected with a similar serum. because of the supernatural feats they have.

Super-human improvements Edit

By increasing human strength by the hundred of thousands, it also improves speed, durability and regenrative abilities. However, these improvements often lead to insanity or death in most subjects.