Great Britain, a once fallen empire looking to reclaim their position as the world's leading economical and millitary force. Lead by the rigid disciplinary force GSQ, they were able to achieve this goal, at least to a certain extent.

The Empire Strikes Back Edit

The GSQ (God Save the Queen) has its origins in Londons nationalist undergruond community. They looked back to a time where great britain was the force to be reckoned with. As GB's impact in international matters had begun to decay over the last decades, the GSQ looked to restore the glorious empire in which the sun never set. GSQ took advantage of the consensus of opinion in disfavour of the Government. By running one of the most impressive election campaigns in history of man, they were able to seize the power by a fraction. Heavy favorites TRP (Thatcher's Revivalist Party) where the ones who had to bite the dust. Comprehensive reforms were introdused to decrease the dependancy on export. Theese reforms were succesful, and Britain was marginally affected by when the financial crisis pursued the rest of Europe. The british government saw an opportunity to incorporate Ireland, and were able to with minimal resistance.