Through his exceptional intellect and sheer dedication, Brainiac was recognized by top scientist around the globe in spite of his young age.

Brainiac was the first physicist ever to disprove Einstein's relativity theory. This was just the beginning of a chain of disproven theories. Among the invalidated where Newton, Bohr and Planck. His last acheivement before he was hired as the head of CTI was to prove another state of aggregate. He also proved that Light was not the fastest energy in the universe. That the tacyon was faster.

Trivia Edit

  • Brainiac was actually the first person ever to play "My heart will go on" on a recorder, however as his leadership for CTI was announced, the video was immediately shut down. Aware of this, comedian Matt Mulholland replicated Brainiac's video, resulting in him being incorrectly creditet for the marvelous idea, as well as the crisp execution.